Hi, my name is Nick Kusters, I'm 38 years old, husband to Giselle and the proud dad of Marie-Élise and Amèlie :) I live and work in Limburg, the south of The Netherlands as a software developer and consultant.

Amazing response

There have been some crazy generous people, like this gentleman that donated 1000 wax. And someone on the R-Planet Telegram donated 1m aeth. Much ❤ to all the people showing their support!

The video below was when I got a notification that I hit 100 subscribers on YouTube; now, a few days after, I'm about to make a new video and the subscriber counter has hit 220.

100 subscriber video and explanation about this tool

New Design

Thiago Campos sent me a design of what the AETHER/hr tool could look like, and I grabbed it with both hands to make this site more pleasing to the eye. You can check out his instagram here. Thank you Thiago!

Keep in touch

I'm active on a few social media channels, feel free to check them out to stay up2date

As you might be able to tell; this isn't as polished as I'd want it to be, but I don't feel like it's a worth it to hold back all the good updates just to make this more fancy, I hope you bare with me.


There is still a lot of stuff I want to do


CryptoWriter Roundtable: Staking NFTs

Thee Hustle House Interview

Thee Hustle House showcases rp.naw.io

Capi working on a new design for the Alien Worlds tool

Zueljin covers my Alien-Worlds & R-Planet tools

Corey and Jimmy discover my tools

Is this safe? See Anders & Bonz talk about this tool.

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        Time to generate enough aeth to make 1 R-Planet Money FTMoney FT:

        Want to view someone else's balance? Use this 'magic' url to load different accounts: vaaaaaaaaaanhttps://rp.naw.io/#load-account=vaaaaaaaaaan

        Add R-Planet custom tokens to your Wax Cloud Wallet with 1 click

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